Thunderstorms May One Day Power Warp Drive

According to this video, lightening bolts that are responsible for creating thunderstorms, are also responsible for creating anti-matter. Anti-matter was once thought of as the most expensive substance on the earth because of the time, energy, and cost that goes into creating it in a lab. During the time of the great bang, this potential energy source was scattered throughout the universe, and today is hard to come by in our environment, except in one place… Thunderstorms.

If we can somehow manage to capture, contain, and harness the power of the antimatter

Warp Core from Enterprise NX-01. Retrieved from

that is created during thunderstorms, then our very own Zefram Cochrane may just invent the antimatter warp drive that is later used to power starships such as the Enterprise. According to Star Trek lore, Dr. Cochrane created the warp drive engine and sucessfully brought the Phoenix to warp speed in 2063. Who knows, maybe we will actually see the advent of this new technology in our life time, if the physical theories of Star Trek uphold.


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