Dr. Michu Kaku Attempts to Make the Holodeck a Reality

Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicists tackles the impossible in his show Sci Fi Science. In season 2, Kaku takes on the Holodeck. He takes on a group of trekkies to try to convince them that this technology is possible, and that his particular design will work (See a preview of the show here).

As you remember from my post on “Hollow Pursuits,” Reginald Barclay becomes addicted

One of the many times Picard goes on a Holodeck adventure

to the fantasy world that the holodeck is capable of creating. The holodeck, is an interactive room, that creates images that not only can you see, but you can touch, taste, spell, and interact with. Dr. Kaku takes it upon himself in this episode to design a holodeck that lives up to those expectations and that is capable of convincing die hard fans of its reality. Does he accomplish his goal? You’ll have to watch to find out!


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