Everywhere I look… there’s Star Trek!

As I was saying in my previous post, it seems like Star Trek is everywhere these days (at least in my world).

Case in point # 1:

My favorite radio station of all time is 96x, back at home in VA. I listen to it whenever I get the chance by streaming it on my computer or my phone now that I am in Connecticut. My favorite part of the morning is listening to the best radio program in the world today The Mike and Bob Show. Bobby, who I have to say is my favorite, is obsessed with Star Trek Next Generation (or TNG). TNG probably comes a close second to his new daughter Sophie (congrats by the way). Not a day goes by where a mention of Captain Picard, or Vulcans (which by the way, shouldn’t Vulcans be from Vulca? Or something along those lines? It seems a bit awkward and repetitive to have a Vulcan from Vulcan. It just doesn’t seem logical to me, but I digress) or some other random comment doesn’t come up in the show. In fact, he has tried to organize a day where he and some others will dress up in TNG uniforms and just act like it’s a normal day (I want to see pictures if this ever happens!). And I do believe, if I am not mistaken, he¬†mentioned the fact that he downloaded a tri-corder app for his iPhone.

But as far as I can tell (because I’ve been listening to this program for quite some time), this newly rekindled TNG excitement hasn’t been very vocal until the TOS reboot.

Case in point #2

The whole reason I began this blog was for a Social Media class that I took over the summer. I was actually pretty apprehensive about writing a blog about Star Trek, believing that I was going to be stereotyped for liking Star Trek. Come to find out my professor is a trekkie as well. In fact, he has taken his passion of Star Trek to a whole new level. He will actually be teaching a class next semester entitled: Star Trek and the Information Age. This is going to be a wonderful class embracing pop culture and issues we are currently facing in the information age and will be facing in the near future. I especially love the fact that there will be a class project that will be known as the “Collective”! Needless to say, I am completely jealous! At first I thought he was just taking the topic of my blog to a new level, but, he has assured me that he’s had the idea for a long time.

So, as we can see, just based off these two examples, Star Trek is a topic of conversation in many different types of circles. Star Trek is relevant to the information sector, the technological sector, space travel, etc. and can spark many cross disciplinary and cultural conversations and can draw parallels on many levels.

For my next post, I’m going to delve into some of the realities of once fictional Star Trek technology.


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Doctoral student, children's librarian, wife to the most supporting and loving man, and Mom to the most wonderful, curious, food-loving little boy.
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