Welcome Back

So, I know I haven’t written in a while. I graduated from college, moved to Connecticut, started a new job, and kind of fell off the face of the earth. But now that I’m all settled it, with very few distractions to occupy my time with, I have decided to start writing again.

Before I moved, my fiance and I were blazing through the Star Trek series. I think it all began after seeing the Star Trek Original Series Reboot that debuted last year. We flew through TOS, Enterprise, TNG, and were almost done with DS9 when I was offered the job. We decided to put the goal of watching all Star Trek episodes ever created until we are reunited in May 2011.

Now that I have a little bit of time on my hands (especially considering I don’t have to worry about school anymore) I’ve decided to revisit some of the issues that I’ve been wanting to discuss, but never had time for. My topics for discussion won’t be linear. They will basically be anything that pops into my head, something that I was curious about and just couldn’t wait to share with those who appreciate and share my Star Trek fanaticism. 

I believe my first topic for discussion will be how the reality of Star Trek, the obsession with that sci-fi world, seems to be everywhere these days. Maybe the omnipresence of Star Trek has become more apparent because of the excitement incited by the TOS reboot (which is the same reason we decided to trek through the ST series (pun intended)). Or maybe it’s because we, as human beings, are making a great deal of headway in this field, and we are moving closer to physical, space exploration as a reality as opposed to science fiction. With the advances in technology, astronomy, engineering, etc paired with our lofty goals, we may just see the first one way mission into space for no other purpose than simply exploring or colonizing other planets.

If nothing else, it appears as though Gene Roddenberry has inspired us to reach for the stars and take mankind’s curiosity with the unknown and thrill for exploration and make it into a reality.

Stay tuned… there’s more to come.


About jenniferscottbrown

Doctoral student, children's librarian, wife to the most supporting and loving man, and Mom to the most wonderful, curious, food-loving little boy.
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One Response to Welcome Back

  1. mom says:

    Thank you for sending me your latest update. I really like reading the way you compare a 40 year old show to today’s endeavors. Keep it up .

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