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Alongside the communicator and computer, the PADD is a modern-day reality. The Personal Access Display Device (PADD) is essential to anybody living past the 22nd century. They are basically miniature computers combined with electronic readers. Padds are utilized for anything from creating … Continue reading

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The Phaser

So, I said we would be discussing Star Trek technology a little bit. The first technological piece we will discuss is the Phaser. The phaser in the Star Trek universe is a device that utilizes a directed energy beam that … Continue reading

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Everywhere I look… there’s Star Trek!

As I was saying in my previous post, it seems like Star Trek is everywhere these days (at least in my world). Case in point # 1: My favorite radio station of all time is 96x, back at home in … Continue reading

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Welcome Back

So, I know I haven’t written in a while. I graduated from college, moved to Connecticut, started a new job, and kind of fell off the face of the earth. But now that I’m all settled it, with very few distractions … Continue reading

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