Gravity is an Illusion

I found this interesting article the other day “String Theorist: Gravity is an Illusion,” that highlights the theory of a String Theorist who believes that the way we look at gravity is wrong. Even though the theories may seem strange at first, considering the fact that we can’t deny there is some sort of force that is keeping us on the earth, that makes things fall when they are up in the air, or that gives us an indication of our mass, it is a very interesting concept when you really begin to think about it.

The fact of the matter is, gravity was discovered by Isaac Newton, the father of physics. Our entire understanding of physics, and therefore the way we believe the universe works, is all based on this one theory by a man who was alive 300 years ago, and nothing has really changed about these laws in the meantime. What if, Isaac Newton only saw a small part of the picture, and didn’t see the whole thing. What if he only saw about two inches of a 40X40 painting. Yes, I believe gravity is real, but there is also a very real possibility that there is more to physics than meets the eye, and believe that is exactly what Erik Verlinde believes and is researching.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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Doctoral student, children's librarian, wife to the most supporting and loving man, and Mom to the most wonderful, curious, food-loving little boy.
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