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Reginald Barclay & Self Diagnosing

Out of all of the characters in Star Trek I think Reginald Barclay is one of my favorites. He’s the person who had a holodeck addiction that I talked about in one of my first posts. He’s this socially awkward, … Continue reading

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Gravity is an Illusion

I found this interesting article the other day “String Theorist: Gravity is an Illusion,” that highlights the theory of a String Theorist who believes that the way we look at gravity is wrong. Even though the theories may seem strange … Continue reading

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The Drumhead

I thought this episode was particularly relevant, considering the recent events surrounding the Russian spies that were found in the United States. This episode brought me right back to the events of the Cold War (even though I remember nothing … Continue reading

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Who is Majel Barrett?

Ever wonder who has been in the most star trek episodes? And if anyone ever played in all of the Star Trek movies? Majel Barrett could quite possibly be the most important actor in all of Star Trek, and the … Continue reading

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